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Argument Question, “Are cyber-dependent cybercrimes offenses that can only be committed by using a computer”?

NO, as human behaviour plays an important role in making systems secure. The computer system is a mechanism that stores high levels of data, private, confidential, financial, medical, government secrets, trade secrets… etc. which is transmitted through the computer to store and secure their information. In organizations, the weakest link is mostly the employee, and then in terms of society all members of the public. Therefore, habits and behaviour adopted in securing systems and information security play a vital importance. Cybercrime can happen anywhere and any place at any time. Be it – Fraud, offenses against a person, sexual offenses, Computer misuse (Hacking), Virus related incidents. The computer is a major source of cyber-dependent crime which arises from using internet components, such as websites, emails, and social media. Cyber-dependent crime covers incidents such as non-delivery of goods or services or a computer intrusion ranging from hacking a system or intellectual property rights abuses, espionage, online extortion and international money laundering, and stolen identity. Based on the anonymity of using the internet, makes it more difficult to police as it has become the right channel for many organized crime activities today, taking the Dark Web as an example. The internet is the online environment that has become the bed hub for cybercriminals, targets, etc. that exist in the dark web with hidden systems that users need software to be able to use websites that are none searchable, business intranets, and medical databases. (Kremling & Parker 2017). This has made policing the World Wide Web more difficult to oversee in addition to the other crimes and events that exist within each country.  


What are the different challenges faced in policing cybercrime?

Crimes such as murder, rape, and robbery can have serious effects on the victim in most cases can cost the victim's life. However, the police will be able to resolve these cases with, science, technology, law, arrest, and investigation as most of these cases are territorial and can easily be tackled by using the known method known to us. Some of these cases can even be resolved without the use of science or technology but also through workforce and surveillance. Furthermore, when it comes to cybercrime it has its difficulties with difficult challenges, which all governments globally are trying to mitigate and enact however, it has proven to be difficult due to the following constraints as listed below:

·         Anonymity

·         Harassment, bullying, threats, stalking, intimidation, etc.

·         The Lack of territorial Boundary

·         Cyber Terrorism

·         Lack of regulation

·         The Law

According to the figures, there were approximately 9.23 million incidents of cybercrime reported in the year 2006. NOW IN NOVEMBER  Statistics of YEAR, 2023, there have been 6 billion incidents logged, this is a complete mess showing that 35% of the population of the UK was affected by cybercrime in some way, after looking at these figures; one can easily conclude that we are having an epidemic of cybercrime which has more growth than COVID-19 and they still do not have a solid infrastructure.

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