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Social Media Today is a crazy place

First, I would like to thank all 12 of my colleagues for creating temporary Facebook accounts to assess the fraud scam that is causing Facebook a lot of problems. It is time to act quickly, change your strategy, and keep our communities safe, Facebook.

The 12 participants made recommendations based on the following 10 factors on how to stay safe.

·         Facebook, mostly populated by fake profiles, lacks the authenticity and credibility of reality.

·         The platform hosts high levels of romance scams, promising unrealistic rewards in return for money.

·         They typically claim to encounter personal difficulties and need assistance.

·         Facebook marketplace is a difficult selling platform. One of my particiants was asked to provide her bank account and they would transfer the money to the product. They subsequently informed her that the funds had been credited to her account. They then sent her an email which was also a phishing email asking her that she must complete the form or make the payment via PayPal. We took over the chat and were able to scare the man away by using key cyber techniques and he quickly had to shut down his account.

·         Facebook's other platforms reportedly harbours less organized crime activity.

·         The platform is plagued by abuse and bullying, leading to significant instances of identity theft.

·         Financial crime, particularly within the Facebook marketplace, poses a significant risk. This platform allows individuals to purchase goods directly from users' homes.

·         No place for the vulnerable as they are better off staying away from Facebook.

Compared to what it is in 2023, the excitement of having Facebook back in 2004 is not the same. Is AI capable of solving this problem? I don't think so since it will result in a deficit in the balance of payments if people can create a global platform for chaos. You should tread carefully and have zero trust. Put yourself to the test, create a fake persona and profile, and see what kind of rubbish you can find from disgusting narcissistic human beings who think they're too smart to be tricked. Ensure you stay safe and follow online safety measures on a separate device.

Despite all the noise, it has its pros and cons, and if people behave ethically, it could be a wonderful place to share, explore, and build harmonious connections around the world, but the odds of that happening are very slim. Can it be like 2004? We do not expect it to be like that anytime soon.


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