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The hottest devices on the market- (Are companies at risk in the world of IoT, how safe are we all?)

Can companies and government departments cope with new hacking technologies in their security systems? The danger of insider threats (accomplices) launching physical attacks on government buildings and private organizations is high.

A brand-new piece of hardware designed to mimic the curious personality of a cyber-dolphin named Flipper Zero. Through it, you can interact with digital systems in real life and see all your access points as you engage with them. Use GPIO pins to debug hardware, use RFID, and explore access control systems.

All the necessary hardware is included in the portable development and exploration tool. Unlike other DIY boards, Flipper was inspired by a PWNAGOTTI project.

This device is completely autonomous and can be controlled with a 5-position directional pad without a computer or smartphone.

It is essential that modern access control and card readers with high-speed 125kHz RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology block unrecognized frequencies that operate outside of the encryption mechanisms embedded in their equipment. Advanced encryption technology will prevent gadgets like Fipper Zero from bypassing their security access control.

Worldwide, old access control systems utilize this type of card. The USB flash drive is dumb, stores only an N-byte ID, and has no authentication mechanism, which makes it easily cloned, copied, and read by anyone. The Flipper has an antenna that can read EM-4100 and HID Proxy cards at 125 kHz and store them in memory for later emulation. It is also possible to emulate cards by manually entering their IDs. As an added benefit, Flipper owners can also exchange card IDs remotely.

Everyone is at risk with this type of gadget, including hotels, restaurants, private homes, government departments, schools, office buildings, and private areas within those buildings.

Biometric technology being put out in full view presents Flipper Zero with a big challenge: everyone's DNA would be at risk. WHAT IS THE WORLD'S READY ABILITY TO ADDRESS INNOVATIVE AND DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGIES THAT CAN DO MAJOR DAMAGE TO CYBERSECURITY?


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